Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Meet the pleat...

Let me tell you a little bit about the place I live; Settle.  It’s a small town in North Yorkshire where for a teenager it’s not got a lot going for it.  With just one pub for weekend entertainment and a large collection of cafes (it is a tourist town after all) plenty of people take the infrequent and often late trains to Skipton or Leeds for better shopping/night life/general enjoyment.  However, I have found two gems in my little Yorkshire town; Age Concern and SCAD (Skipton and Craven Action for Disability).  These are the two charity shops in Settle and I visit them almost daily to search among the tat and unearth some treasures. 
I’ve been looking for a pleated skirt for ages and was on the verge of buying this from ASOS:
But last week I was perusing the £1 rail in SCAD and found a beautiful pleated skirt.  The only downsides were it was a size 16 and went down to my ankles!  Some clever snipping later with the pinking shears I had my pleated skirt…

Jacket - Primark
Top - Topshop
Belt- Charity shop
Ring - DIY
Necklace - Charity Shop
Skirt - Charity Shop

If anyone wants to do this themselves, you have to lay the skirt flat then masking tape two lines above and below where you want to cut.  This holds the pleats in place so you have a neater cut.
I just love the material of the skirt, and there is so much left from what I cut off I could easily make another skirt or something else, I can’t wait to get experimenting with it!

Genevieve x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hello blogging world!

My first blog...exciting and a little scary!  Well i'll just tell you all a little bit about myself...I'm 17, I'm a triplet with two brothers (not as cool as you may think it is), I come from a little town in North Yorkshire called Settle and in September I'm hopefully going to go to Exeter to study medicine.

I decided to set up a blog because I follow fashion and style blogs religiously and decided it was time to set up my own! And hopefully some people will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading other blogs!

Now some lovely pictures to make this post more interesting...

I got these photos from www,weheartit.com its a site for people to just upload their own photos, and there are literally thousands! i just love browsing through them all...some are funny or sad or happy or just down right strange!

So there it is my first blog post!

More to come!

Genevieve x