Tuesday, 21 June 2011

'Oh So Shiny'...Said the Magpie

As well as spending a lot of time in age concern I love to search the internet for cool jewellery sites. (When I'm not in the midst of exam season... one left eeek!)  I almost never buy anything off them as I make most of my jewellery but love browsing and seeing all the cute things people have come up with! Sometimes it ends up with me getting inspiration for a DIY or occasionally I push the boat out and buy something I like.  The only problem is now I have so much jewellery there isn't possibly enough time in a day to wear it all! I just thought I would create a montage of my favourite sites and items to share with you:

Cutie Pie Jewellery 
I think the pearly moustache is so cool, and I've already got a thing for watch necklaces! I particularly like the ring with an 'I love you' card on it, if you go on the website you'll see on the back of the card it says 'forever', so cute! (I apologise to all those people who just threw up a little in their mouths) It is a little bit like a necklace my boyfriend bought for me last year from Urban Outfitters. You've all seen it; the envelope with an 'I Love You' card inside, sadly I loved this necklace a little too much and over wearing meant the hinge broke on the envelope so the card kept falling out. I still have it though, tucked away in my jewellery box!

Lovehearts and Crosses
As you can probably tell already I'm a big fan of rings and have more than I can fit on both hands and feet at once! I love the coral one, for all those fellow geeks out there it looks a bit like a Doctor Who monster, don't you think?  The typewriter necklace is really cool and it has real paper slotted inside! This necklace has inspired me to make a kind of similar one;  When on a lovely weekend away with my boyfriend we stumbled upon an amazing doll's house shop.  It had so many cute things inside and I could have stayed their all day looking at the miniscule books, food and house fittings.  I bought a tiny newspaper and pair of glasses which I think I'm going to attach to a (real size) old glasses chain to make a necklace.

Sugar and Vice Designs
You've probably noticed a running theme of russian dolls throughout these pictures;  I just think there so quirky! I especially like the 'Eat me, Drink me' necklace, this website has a couple of different accessories inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  And how can I resist the pastel colours of these bunny bracelets after all...Pastels are the colours to a girls heart

Genevieve x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

And so the Butterfly flew the nest

Horror of all horrors this post does not include a DIY! I just thought I would blog because I like my outfit today and if I read any more... y = 5x - 3 + 9 x 7, find z...I think my brain may just explode!

Top: Primark
Belt: Charity shop
Skirt: H&M
Earrings: DIY
Ring: DIY
Flower H&M
I think I'm pretty prepared for today but who can tell with exams, especially maths!  7 days to go and 2 more exams after today and I will be a free woman. I can not wait!

Wish me luck!

Genevieve x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Pastels are the colours to a girl’s heart

It seems (mostly) by accident this blog seems to be a montage of my charity shop and DIY outfits! I apologise to anyone who was looking for something different, but here’s another one…

My worst habit, and what is probably  going to make me bankrupt, is collecting my wage from work and going to straight to the charity shop.  I always go in telling myself not to buy anything but 9.9 times out of 10 something catches my eye which I simply have to buy.

This (kind of) works to my advantage in that I am so used to charity shop shopping that when I do end up going high street shopping I usually end up not buying anything as I think ‘I’m not spending that much on something I could get it for £2 at age concern’.  In a way it means I get more for my money…but I still have no money!

On this particular occasion I came home from a successful charity shop raid with a full outfit! I picked out a sleeveless lilac shirt, it looks great tucked into a skirt but also is long enough to wear with leggings (and not show my knickers through Primark’s see-through leggings!)

I also picked out a long dirty pale pink skirt.  It is a very classy addition to my wardrobe: 100% silk and a Jaeger skirt!  At first it reached my ankles but after cutting it off and a quick hemming session I had a skirt which is very like skirts I’ve seen in H&M and Topshop recently.

Top: Charity Shop
Skirt: Charity Shop
Belt: Borrowed off my mum
Bracelet: A present from my lovely boyfriend :)
Earrings: DIY
And both purchases go very well together as one pastel ensemble. (Though my brother said I looked like I was wearing a colour chart from a paint shop)

I have so much material left over from the skirt too; I may attempt to make some sort of boob tube top with the buttons down the middle at the front. But anymore DIY endeavours are being postponed till after my exams (fingers crossed I get the grades I need).

Genevieve x

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Splash your cash

Recently the whole family went on a family holiday to Wales.  The holiday was packed with long beach walks, and mountain climbs and swimming in the sea (April is far too early to do that as I realised when I got in and promptly out again after 5 minutes).  

But the real excitement (for me anyway probably not my brothers) came from a visit to a nearby town, where I visited the one and only charity shop.  Here I happened upon one of my best bargains…A 100% cashmere cardigan in perfect condition for only £4!

Cardigan: Charity shop (originally from Tesco)
Belt: Charity shop
Necklace: Charity shop
Earrings: DIY
Ring: Charity shop
Skirt: H&M
Top: H&M
 It’s so soft! And a good colour as it goes with pretty much everything, I can’t believe how cheap it was, some cashmere cardigans on ASOS cost £140!!

In the same charity shop I also found a t-shirt, which was a size 16 but I loved the pattern of the material it was made of. I bought it so I could wear it baggy tucked into some high waisted shorts or skirt.

Although I have had some inspiration as to what I could do with it from another blog I follow; Guilt Free Fashion.  It is a university project set up by a blogger called Katie Styles.  It is definitely one of my favourite blogs as there are loads of good ideas for reinventing old clothes and revamping your wardrobe without having to spend a fortune!
With inspiration from DIY grey cropped t shirt I think I might crop the oversized t shirt and some lace to the collar.  I’ll post the outcome when I get round to trying it!

Genevieve x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Do, Ray, Me, Far, So Laaaaa

When I started applying for Medicine, I volunteered at Age Concern in Settle to do Befriending.  This involved being partnered up with an elderly lady who I would go visit once a week.  It started out just being about ticking the boxes and looking good on my personal statement, but I really started to enjoy my weekly visits to see Jean. 

She was a very quiet lady so it took a while to get her to open up and for the first few weeks it was me doing most of the talking as she sat patiently and listened but soon she began recounting her own stories.  Jean was a teaching sergeant in the army, she said she was very proud of that because she was younger than most of the people she was teaching! She also said that she had to be on the lookout for 'lesbianism and things like that' as that was not allowed! After this she became a teacher but quit after punishment was stopped as she felt there was no point in teaching if you couldn't punish the naughty children. I couldn't believe it, my little old lady coming out with things like this!

Anyway back to the point of this blog; Jean's son Robert lives with her.  Robert is a brilliant musician, he has set up his own recording studio in the attic of the house and spends most his days jamming up there to produce new tracks. I happened to mention to Robert that I took singing lessons and if he ever needed a female voice i was free.

And so...I've been doing some recording sessions :)

It's only a little bit here and there but I'm still finding it really exciting! 
(I secretly want to sack off medicine and become a singer/vintage clothes shop owner)

If you want to here me warbling then go to...English Watercolour School
I feature on...Badlands at around 3.20, on the chorus of Mile In My Shoes and Disco Voodoo and I do a bit of 'oooohing' on Angel and Temple at around 2.40. I also do a trumpet solo in Mile In My Shoes at 1.05.

They're only small parts but its one step closer to stardom :)

These are some photos of me singing at Grassington Festival last year with Skipton Music Centre, I was incredibly nervous hence why I left my sunglasses on!

Hope you enjoy! and Feedback is very welcome

Genevieve x