Thursday, 2 June 2011

Do, Ray, Me, Far, So Laaaaa

When I started applying for Medicine, I volunteered at Age Concern in Settle to do Befriending.  This involved being partnered up with an elderly lady who I would go visit once a week.  It started out just being about ticking the boxes and looking good on my personal statement, but I really started to enjoy my weekly visits to see Jean. 

She was a very quiet lady so it took a while to get her to open up and for the first few weeks it was me doing most of the talking as she sat patiently and listened but soon she began recounting her own stories.  Jean was a teaching sergeant in the army, she said she was very proud of that because she was younger than most of the people she was teaching! She also said that she had to be on the lookout for 'lesbianism and things like that' as that was not allowed! After this she became a teacher but quit after punishment was stopped as she felt there was no point in teaching if you couldn't punish the naughty children. I couldn't believe it, my little old lady coming out with things like this!

Anyway back to the point of this blog; Jean's son Robert lives with her.  Robert is a brilliant musician, he has set up his own recording studio in the attic of the house and spends most his days jamming up there to produce new tracks. I happened to mention to Robert that I took singing lessons and if he ever needed a female voice i was free.

And so...I've been doing some recording sessions :)

It's only a little bit here and there but I'm still finding it really exciting! 
(I secretly want to sack off medicine and become a singer/vintage clothes shop owner)

If you want to here me warbling then go to...English Watercolour School
I feature on...Badlands at around 3.20, on the chorus of Mile In My Shoes and Disco Voodoo and I do a bit of 'oooohing' on Angel and Temple at around 2.40. I also do a trumpet solo in Mile In My Shoes at 1.05.

They're only small parts but its one step closer to stardom :)

These are some photos of me singing at Grassington Festival last year with Skipton Music Centre, I was incredibly nervous hence why I left my sunglasses on!

Hope you enjoy! and Feedback is very welcome

Genevieve x

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