Tuesday, 21 June 2011

'Oh So Shiny'...Said the Magpie

As well as spending a lot of time in age concern I love to search the internet for cool jewellery sites. (When I'm not in the midst of exam season... one left eeek!)  I almost never buy anything off them as I make most of my jewellery but love browsing and seeing all the cute things people have come up with! Sometimes it ends up with me getting inspiration for a DIY or occasionally I push the boat out and buy something I like.  The only problem is now I have so much jewellery there isn't possibly enough time in a day to wear it all! I just thought I would create a montage of my favourite sites and items to share with you:

Cutie Pie Jewellery 
I think the pearly moustache is so cool, and I've already got a thing for watch necklaces! I particularly like the ring with an 'I love you' card on it, if you go on the website you'll see on the back of the card it says 'forever', so cute! (I apologise to all those people who just threw up a little in their mouths) It is a little bit like a necklace my boyfriend bought for me last year from Urban Outfitters. You've all seen it; the envelope with an 'I Love You' card inside, sadly I loved this necklace a little too much and over wearing meant the hinge broke on the envelope so the card kept falling out. I still have it though, tucked away in my jewellery box!

Lovehearts and Crosses
As you can probably tell already I'm a big fan of rings and have more than I can fit on both hands and feet at once! I love the coral one, for all those fellow geeks out there it looks a bit like a Doctor Who monster, don't you think?  The typewriter necklace is really cool and it has real paper slotted inside! This necklace has inspired me to make a kind of similar one;  When on a lovely weekend away with my boyfriend we stumbled upon an amazing doll's house shop.  It had so many cute things inside and I could have stayed their all day looking at the miniscule books, food and house fittings.  I bought a tiny newspaper and pair of glasses which I think I'm going to attach to a (real size) old glasses chain to make a necklace.

Sugar and Vice Designs
You've probably noticed a running theme of russian dolls throughout these pictures;  I just think there so quirky! I especially like the 'Eat me, Drink me' necklace, this website has a couple of different accessories inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  And how can I resist the pastel colours of these bunny bracelets after all...Pastels are the colours to a girls heart

Genevieve x

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  1. I love Russian Dolls, and all this jewellery is beautiful, especially love that gingerbread man ring!x