Friday, 10 June 2011

Pastels are the colours to a girl’s heart

It seems (mostly) by accident this blog seems to be a montage of my charity shop and DIY outfits! I apologise to anyone who was looking for something different, but here’s another one…

My worst habit, and what is probably  going to make me bankrupt, is collecting my wage from work and going to straight to the charity shop.  I always go in telling myself not to buy anything but 9.9 times out of 10 something catches my eye which I simply have to buy.

This (kind of) works to my advantage in that I am so used to charity shop shopping that when I do end up going high street shopping I usually end up not buying anything as I think ‘I’m not spending that much on something I could get it for £2 at age concern’.  In a way it means I get more for my money…but I still have no money!

On this particular occasion I came home from a successful charity shop raid with a full outfit! I picked out a sleeveless lilac shirt, it looks great tucked into a skirt but also is long enough to wear with leggings (and not show my knickers through Primark’s see-through leggings!)

I also picked out a long dirty pale pink skirt.  It is a very classy addition to my wardrobe: 100% silk and a Jaeger skirt!  At first it reached my ankles but after cutting it off and a quick hemming session I had a skirt which is very like skirts I’ve seen in H&M and Topshop recently.

Top: Charity Shop
Skirt: Charity Shop
Belt: Borrowed off my mum
Bracelet: A present from my lovely boyfriend :)
Earrings: DIY
And both purchases go very well together as one pastel ensemble. (Though my brother said I looked like I was wearing a colour chart from a paint shop)

I have so much material left over from the skirt too; I may attempt to make some sort of boob tube top with the buttons down the middle at the front. But anymore DIY endeavours are being postponed till after my exams (fingers crossed I get the grades I need).

Genevieve x

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  1. Love that skirt Evie, what a find! Looks gorge on you, especially with the shirt! Settle's Age Concern is probably still my fave charity shop too ;) xxx