Saturday, 16 July 2011

There are 9 Million Bicycles in Beijing

Just a quick post to show off a birthday present that I got off my brothers and sister.  I've been wanting this bag for a while and was so pleased with how lovely it was in real life!

It's a marc b bag called the Bianca and its in duck egg blue.

Top - Topshop
Shorts - H&M
Bag - Marc b
Scarf - Ebay

I wore this outfit to go for a bike ride today but true to British weather it started absolutely chucking it down! Us yorkshire folk are not to be deterred by a little rain so we're still going on the bike ride but I changed into leggings and a hoody!

Genevieve x

Friday, 15 July 2011

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

So a few days ago my brothers and I turned 18 (at last!) sadly we each spent this mile stone birthday at opposite ends of the country! One brother is at a residential band camp for a week whilst me and my other brother are on our annual family holiday in Cornwall. To celebrate our birthday we went to the Eden project to see The Mystery Jets and Brandon Flowers!

The Mystery Jets

To be honest I wasn’t really a fan of either act so was a little unsure as to whether I would enjoy the gig! Obviously I knew Mr Flowers from his work in The Killers but wasn’t sure how he was as a solo act. So to prepare myself prior to the gig I downloaded Brandon’s solo album ‘Flamingo’ and pretty much every song The Mystery Jets have ever released!    

Brandon Flowers
The Mystery Jets were the warm up act and if I’m going to be honest they weren’t that great! We were outside so it was still light when they played.  Also they were missing their bass player as his wife was having a baby (congrats) and the lead singer seemed to have done something to his foot so he was sat down and had to use crutches at the end of their set. All these factors can’t really be helped and their music was pretty good but they didn’t really get the crowd going. And they only played for about half an hour when they were supposed to be on for 45 minutes! But I suppose now I am just being picky!

Brandon on the other hand was absolutely brilliant! Turns out I had heard some of his solo songs and he threw a few Killers favourites out there too! When he did Mr Brightside the crowd went absolutely wild!   I would definitely recommend going to see him, especially if you like The Killers.

Back to the point of this blog…what I was wearing! After about an hour trying to decide on what to wear I’m afraid I went for my ‘go to’ outfit.  I toyed with the idea of wearing something new and exciting for my birthday but went for the outfit I was most comfortable with.  This is the outfit I usually fall back onto if I can’t find anything else to wear. 

Top - H&M
Cardigan - H&M
Shorts - Topshop
Bandeau - DIY
Earrings - DIY

So the top is not actually mine; I found it at the bottom of my sister’s drawers once when I was raiding her room, but luckily she doesn’t wear it so I had the chance to steal it! It’s from H&M a few years ago when Matthew Williamson did a collection for them. 
I usually wear this outfit with my brogue wedges but I knew there would probably be a bit of standing round so opted for flats, this ended out to be a wise idea as the stage was a bit of a trek from the car park!

Wedges - Ebay 

The black bandeau I’m wearing underneath I actually made the day before going on holiday.  I made a black and white one out of odd bits of cut up t-shirt I had lying around, their so useful! Especially under tops like this one that fall down very low!

I’ll leave you with a picture of me on the shoulders of my brother raving out to a bit of Brandon!

Genevieve x

Friday, 8 July 2011

'Hear The Noise That Moves So Soft and Low'

I apologise for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks, it's down to celebrating the end of my exams, a trip to glasgow, my leavers ball, working alot, and down right laziness! But I'll make up for it with this post as I have alot to write about!

The name of this post is the name of a song that I love at the moment. It's by an artist who is relatively unknown but just becoming a bit more heard of; James Vincent Mcmorrow.  I listen to this song and others by him when I just want to relax.  I think he has a really lovely voice and would really like to see him live, I bet it would be a very chilled gig!

My outfit post today involves a staple part of my wardrobe; my red jeans! My mum bought me them from the 'teen' part of Boden.  They are just so comfy and quirky and I usually throw them on when I can't be bothered to think about an outfit.

Jeans: Johnnie B
Top: Primark
Cardigan: H&M
Scarf: My Granny's
Earrings: DIY
I apologise now for the kind of grimace I'm pulling...not sure what I was thinking!  The scarf is covered in a cool fox print and was my granny's so real vintage!  The only problem with these jeans (the same problem I have with all trousers) is they are a bit too long for my short stumpy legs.  I usually roll them up a little so they are not dragging on the ground or scrumpled at the bottom (is scrumpled a word?) and get a bit of ankle out!

This week I had two exciting finds in the charity shop; first I found this gorgeous blue bag and snapped it up for only £1.  I've been looking for a biggish bag for a while as most of my bags are either small cross the body bags or huge holdalls which aren't really practical unless I want to take hardly anything/lots of stuff with me.  I really like the colour as I usually wear a lot of blue and the fabric on the inside of the bag is really cool! It's a kind of psychedelic print.

In the same charity shop trip I found a travel sewing machine for £1 as well! I really love this find as in September I will be going off to University and won't be able to use my mum's sewing machine for all my DIYs.

It's pretty small and only does straight stitch but for £1 I think it's one of my best bargains! It's battery powered and I have got it up and running but can't quite work out how to thread it, the instructions are pretty unhelpful but I'm sure I will work it out!

Genevieve x