Friday, 8 July 2011

'Hear The Noise That Moves So Soft and Low'

I apologise for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks, it's down to celebrating the end of my exams, a trip to glasgow, my leavers ball, working alot, and down right laziness! But I'll make up for it with this post as I have alot to write about!

The name of this post is the name of a song that I love at the moment. It's by an artist who is relatively unknown but just becoming a bit more heard of; James Vincent Mcmorrow.  I listen to this song and others by him when I just want to relax.  I think he has a really lovely voice and would really like to see him live, I bet it would be a very chilled gig!

My outfit post today involves a staple part of my wardrobe; my red jeans! My mum bought me them from the 'teen' part of Boden.  They are just so comfy and quirky and I usually throw them on when I can't be bothered to think about an outfit.

Jeans: Johnnie B
Top: Primark
Cardigan: H&M
Scarf: My Granny's
Earrings: DIY
I apologise now for the kind of grimace I'm pulling...not sure what I was thinking!  The scarf is covered in a cool fox print and was my granny's so real vintage!  The only problem with these jeans (the same problem I have with all trousers) is they are a bit too long for my short stumpy legs.  I usually roll them up a little so they are not dragging on the ground or scrumpled at the bottom (is scrumpled a word?) and get a bit of ankle out!

This week I had two exciting finds in the charity shop; first I found this gorgeous blue bag and snapped it up for only £1.  I've been looking for a biggish bag for a while as most of my bags are either small cross the body bags or huge holdalls which aren't really practical unless I want to take hardly anything/lots of stuff with me.  I really like the colour as I usually wear a lot of blue and the fabric on the inside of the bag is really cool! It's a kind of psychedelic print.

In the same charity shop trip I found a travel sewing machine for £1 as well! I really love this find as in September I will be going off to University and won't be able to use my mum's sewing machine for all my DIYs.

It's pretty small and only does straight stitch but for £1 I think it's one of my best bargains! It's battery powered and I have got it up and running but can't quite work out how to thread it, the instructions are pretty unhelpful but I'm sure I will work it out!

Genevieve x

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  1. Love love love the scarf! (naturally the fox print). Great little sewing machine, I was thinking of buying something similar but some were as much as about £40 in Urban Outfitters! Managed to pick up an old (60s or 70s) Alpha from a car boot sale for a fiver. It only does straight stitches too but is very heavy and bulky to be carting around to and from new uni houses etc. sure yours will serve you well! xxx